The Right Coast

September 15, 2005
By Mike Rappaport

One virtue of the Israeli withdrawel from Gaza is that it reveals Palestinian political society for what it is. No reasonable observer can place the blame on Israel for what is occurring in Gaza. One vice of the Israeli withdrawel is that much of the world will refuse to examine what has been revealed.

So far, at least, the Washington Post seems to have an accurate view:

ONLY DAYS after the final withdrawal of Israeli forces, the Gaza Strip is on the verge of anarchy. Despite promises to impose law and order, the Palestinian Authority has allowed mobs of looters and armed extremists to rampage through former Jewish settlements, where they have burned or bulldozed synagogues left standing by Israel. Many of the valuable greenhouses that, with the generous help of international donors, were saved for use by the Palestinians have been stripped of equipment as police stood by and watched. Despite a formal agreement with Israel to maintain security, Egypt has allowed thousands of Palestinians to illegally cross its border, including rifle-brandishing militants. If it is not quickly checked, the disorder will destroy Palestinian hopes that the Gaza transfer will become a step toward statehood.