The Right Coast

August 15, 2005
Natan Sharansky's View
By Mike Rappaport

Previously, I quoted from Benjamin Netanyahu's resignation letter outlining his disagreement with the withdrawel from Gaza. Here, I quote from a report on Natan Sharansky's resignation letter, of May 2nd, 2005,also opposing the withdrawel:

In his resignation letter, Sharansky told Sharon any concessions to the PLO should be based on sincere democratic reforms, and explained that unilaterally withdrawing will instead "weaken the prospects for building a free Palestinian society and at the same time strengthen the forces of terror."

"Will our departure from Gaza encourage building a society where freedom of speech is protected, where independent courts protect individual rights and were free market enable Palestinians to build an independent economic life beyond government control?" Sharansky asked.

He further questioned if Israel's retreat will "end incitement in the Palestinian media or hate-filled indoctrination in Palestinian schools" or "result in the dismantling of terror groups or the dismantling of the refugee camps in which four generation of Palestinians have lived in miserable conditions?"

"Clearly, the answer to all these questions is no," Sharansky stated.
Sharanksy develops these points at greater length in his excellent book, The Case for Democracy, which I am now finishing. I shall have more to say about it in the near future.