The Right Coast

August 11, 2005
Is Bush selling out Israel?
By Mike Rappaport

I have become increasingly distressed with the Bush Administration's recent efforts concerning Israel and the Palestinians. Here is a piece that suggests Bush has changed his views and doublecrossed Israel. The piece certainly does not prove its point, but its claims, along with other recent evidence, causes me to worry:

There were, in all, two major shifts. In April of last year, Bush assured Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon that Israel could retain “new Israeli population centers” it had established in the West Bank. The assurance conceded that Israel would be able to keep its major West Bank settlements. But on May 26, Bush abrogated that pledge, saying that final status negotiations must begin at “the 1949 armistice lines.” No changes to that border, Bush said, can come without Palestinian consent.

Bush then added that Israel must take no steps to “prejudice final status negotiations” — including negotiations on Jerusalem. This was the first time that Bush explicitly stated that the status of Jerusalem was to be determined through negotiations. In all, the shift in Bush’s rhetoric on May 26 was breathtaking — he was rolling back the pledges that he had made to Ariel Sharon just one year before.