The Right Coast

July 29, 2005
Turning the Tables on Senator Schumer
By Mike Rappaport

Previously, I noted that Richard Epstein had various questions for Senator Schumer about his constitutional philosophy. Now, Steve Calabresi takes the point further, asking that Schumer -- who has been all about document requests concerning John Roberts -- should provide documents from his chambers:

Republicans are skeptical of the Schumer request and suspect the senator is on a fishing expedition to try to dig up something with which to oppose the hitherto unassailable Roberts nomination. Republicans have solid reason to suspect Schumer of this, since he was overheard saying on a cell phone that he was going to go to war against whoever the president nominated before Roberts was even nominated.

Evaluation of whether Schumer is or is not on a fishing expedition is impossible given the public record as it stands now. Accordingly, Senate Republicans and the administration should call on Senator Schumer to immediately release and make public all conversations and emails between the senator and his staff, between Schumer staffers and outside left-wing advocacy groups, and between Schumer staffers themselves relating to the Roberts nomination. Schumer should also be required to release phone records of all telephone and cell phone calls that were placed between his office and outside advocacy groups since the Roberts nomination.