The Right Coast

July 01, 2005
The Republican Supreme Court
By Mike Rappaport

The Republicans have another opportunity to appoint a Supreme Court Justice. This is not necessarily a cause for joy, even for Republicans. Consider the following hypothetical Supreme Court:

Chief Justice: Earl Warren
Associate Justice: William Brennan
Associate Justice: John Paul Stevens
Associate Justice: Harry Blackmun
Associate Justice: David Souter
Associate Justice: Sandra Day O’Connor
Associate Justice: Potter Stewart
Associate Justice: Lewis Powell
Associate Justice: Anthony Kennedy

This is a very liberal Supreme Court. The first five represent a solid majority block for liberal positions and the remaining four are swing voters who will often support those liberal positions on issues ranging from affirmative action to abortion rights.

Sadly, all of these justices were appointed by Republicans. Indeed, every former Republican President from Eisenhower to George H. W. Bush made some of these appointments.

I wish I were confident that the President appreciated these facts, but I am not.