The Right Coast

July 16, 2005
Its Harry Potter Time!
By MIke Rappaport

Just came back from the Barnes and Nobles, where my 13 year old son and I picked up, at midnight, the new Harry Potter book. What an event? Hundreds of people drove to the book store very late, some dressed in Harry Potter garb, to get the new book as soon as they could. I can't think of anything like it.

Concerning Harry, there is an interesting piece in the Wall Street Journal that sees J.K. Rowling's work as inspired by Churchill's resistance and eventual triumph over British appeasement and the Nazi menace. While I agree with the Journal piece that Rowling has probably modelled her story on those events, I have tended to view the story in terms of the fight over whether to appease our more recent enemies -- the forces of fundamentalist Islam. See here.

What has been surprising to me, as I have read the five books, is just how much I have agreed with the world view and the values of J.K. Rowling. In a world dominated by liberal sensibilities that I often find alien, I feel right at home in Rowling's world.