The Right Coast

July 13, 2005
And for the prosecution, the Grey Lady
By Mike Rappaport

The New York Times runs a piece, entitled "Rove Case May Test Bush's Loyalty to His Closest Aides," which just drives people like me crazy. In terms of its claims, the piece is ridiculous, since it way overplays the possibility that Rove might be fired. (To overstate the truth just a little: Rove won't be fired unless he is indicted and convicted, and maybe not even then.) But what is really going on is that the Times is setting the stage for a big series of attacks on Rove, with the attempt of turning this into a scandal which might, if it does not somehow force Rove out, would at least force the President to pay a price for him or weaken Rove.

The New York Times behaves as an organ of the Democratic Party day in and day out, and this is just one of the most blatant examples. What is odd is that not everyone realizes this.

Update: However bad the news is at the Times, Powerline shows that today the editorial is even more misleading.