The Right Coast

May 07, 2005
William Buckley on Withdrawing from Iraq
By Mike Rappaport

I am a great admirer of William Buckley, but for the life of me I can't understand his position on Iraq. His latest column reiterates his concern that the US leave Iraq, if not now, then apparently soon.

I find this extremely odd. The case for continuing our presence is that it helps the Iraqis pursue freedom and democracy, which is in our interest, and that a country in the Middle East that is free and democratic, with US help, will tend to promote these values in other countries in the region, which is also in our interest.

The loss of American lives is, of course, a serious matter, but I find it hard to believe that these goals are not worth it. That is especially the case if we conclude that our premature withdrawal might cause the new regime to unravel.

Perhaps if Buckley provided some explanation for why he does not believe the continued presence of the US in the area is worth it, that would help. But alas he does not.