The Right Coast

May 23, 2005
Return of the Sith
By Mike Rappaport

Like most everyone, I caught the final Star Wars episode over the weekend. And my verdict was a strong thumbs up. The movie did pretty much what I thought it needed to do: finish the story from the first two episodes, show how Aniken turns to Vader, and explain in a believable way how the characters got from the end of episode 2 to where they were at the beginning of episode 4.

In preparation, I watched episode 4 (that is, the first Star Wars from 1977, A New Hope), which helped. Most of Sith was consistent with A New Hope.

And of course Sith had some great scenes, including two of the fights that everyone has wanted to see since the first two movies came out. If not for the weak acting of Hayden Christensen, the movie really would be quite excellent.

But I can't help ending with something of nit: When they are trying to hide Luke from the Emperor and Darth Vader, why do they give him the same last name that his father had -- Skywalker -- especially since they do not appear to place him in a family which had that last name?