The Right Coast

April 04, 2005
Welcome, Canadistanians!
By Tom Smith

Oh how absolutely marvelous! Just by linking to this, we can facilitate the violation of the "publication ban" by Canadians who want to know about the burgeoning corruption scandal in the liberal government. When the window comes up that asks if you want to see red hot inside news of nubile Canadian officials frolicing in cash, just click "Enter." Oh, go on. It won't hurt you. You want to know, don't you?

While I have your attention, let me recommend sunny San Diego as the place to come for prostate surgery. Down here in SoCal, we figure if you can afford it, you have as much right to live as anybody else. You can keep up on Canadian news even better than in Canada, and get much needed medical procedures done at the same time! It works like this. You make an appointment to see the best trained doctors with the latest technology at their disposal, they fix you up, and you write them a check. Do they take credit cards? Do they ever! Pretty shocking, eh?