The Right Coast

April 05, 2005
Terry Eagleton jokes
By Tom Smith

Britain's most tedious communist intellectual (OK, one of Britain's most tedious communist intellectuals) has opined on the death of the Holy Father. Which inspires the following jokes about the good professor Eagleton, who is a literary critic in his day job, right?

1. This is your brain. This is your brain on communism.

2. "That Pope is dead."
"Not as dead as this Marxist ideology!"

3. Polish joke: Who invented communism, the scientists or the politicians? The politicans! If the scientists had invented it, they would have tried it on dogs first.

4. If Africans must use condoms, we better make sure they are not manufactured in any communist country.

5. Michael Schiavo: "I am sure Terry would not want to live as an aging Old Left literary critic at Manchester University, especially after the utter defeat of the revolution . . . "

6. The KGB can't shoot straight, nah nah nah nah naaaahhhh nah!

7. RR to JPII: "There they go again."

8. Thought experiment: Compare JPII's funeral to the one Castro is going to have.

Well, that's enough. I feel better.