The Right Coast

March 22, 2005
Another Conservative Philosophy Blog
By Mike Rappaport

Take a look at Right Reason -- it seems quite interesting.

At Right Reason, there are two responses to Singer's consequentialism posted. While Roger Scruton attacks consequentialism generally -- as do many nonconsequentialists, he appears to reason about morality by assertion and authority -- Daniel Bonevac argues that consequentialism is largely consistent with common sense and rejects Singer's view as unjustifiably ignoring this font of wisdom. Bonevac concludes:

"Bentham and Mill thus use common sense morality to answer Scruton's questions: How can one justify utilitarianism? How can one, on utilitarian grounds, ever know what to do? Their answers depend on a large body of agreement between consequentialism and common sense. When Singer jettisons common sense, he thus jettisons the classical utilitarian's answer to those questions. As far as I can see, he puts nothing in their place."