The Right Coast

January 05, 2005
World's Worst Country
By Maimon Schwarzschild

According to a poll in the Daily Telegraph, London, (registration required)
Israel comes top of the list of countries where [British] people would least like to live and would least like to take a holiday.

It is also the country thought least deserving of international respect. Despite being the only fully democratic state in the Middle East, it is also thought to be among the world's "least democratic countries".

Of the 12 criteria set out in YouGov's check-list, Israel comes out bottom in four cases and among the bottom five in a total of eight.
Relentlessly hostile -- and it must be said, anti-semitic -- media coverage may account for this in part, but only in part. There are underlying attitudes in Britain, as elsewhere in Europe, which make propaganda frauds like the "Jenin massacre" believable to large numbers of people there.

The indispensable Powerline blog has posted a fascinating essay (actually, a speech) by British writer Melanie Phillips, which puts some of this in context: "The Reporting of Iraq and Israel: An Abuse of Media Power". As Powerline urges, follow the link at the foot of this summary, and read the whole thing.