The Right Coast

January 13, 2005
Why did Dick Thornburgh Lie?
By Mike Rappaport

That is the question that Roger Simon asks. I am not sure, but here is my guess.

I remember Thornburgh as Attorney General in the late 1980s. In fact, I briefly served in the Justice Department during his tenure. (I mainly served, though, for Ed Meese.) Thornburgh's behavior here does not surprise me. He always struck me as someone who pursued a centrist agenda, irrespective of the merits of issues, because he found it politically advantageous to do so. So here he lies because in this way he can criticize CBS in the report without being too harsh. And that is, I am guessing, the reason that CBS appointed him.

Such centrism is outrageous. Just make sure Thornburgh doesn't sit as a judge on the tribunal that is trying Saddam Hussein. I can see it now: "Hussein did many bad things, but there is no evidence that he did not intend to benefit the Iraqi people."