The Right Coast

January 10, 2005
New Blog on the Environment
By Mike Rappaport

I just discovered a blog on environmental matters, which seems quite interesting. Here is a description:

The Commons Blog is a collaborative web log dedicated to the principle of promoting environmental quality and human dignity and prosperity through markets and property rights. Put more simply, it’s about free markets protecting the environment.
The blog is named after the famous 1968 Garrett Hardin essay, The Tragedy of the Commons, where he established that common ownership of land and natural resources tended to lead to the degradation of those “common” resources. The free-market environmentalist movement exists to demonstrate that property rights have time and again proven the bulwark against such degradation.
I know one of the contributors to the blog, law professor Jonathan Adler, who also writes for The Corner, and his work on Environmental Law is quite excellent. Highly recommended.