The Right Coast

January 12, 2005
Let me clear this up about gay old Abe
By Tom Smith

Andrew Sullivan is all upset about the harsh review in the Weekly Standard regarding the forthcoming book alleging Lincoln's supposed homosexuality. Andrew has really gone over some edge in the last year or so.

But here's my point. Lincoln probably had Marfan's syndrome. He certainly looked like he did, and endocrinologists, such as my lovely wife Jeanne, frequently mention lanky Lincoln as a prize example of that interesting hormonal discombobulation. It turns out Marfan's folks often enter puberty early, just as Lincoln apparently did. Even if it is true, as I doubt, that boys who enter puberty early are more likely to be homosexual (this is one of those Kinsey theories) , who knows whether that is the case for Marfan's sufferers. The causes of their entering puberty early are probably much different from the typical early pubescenteer. If there is evidence that Marfan's is correlated with homosexuality, well, let's hear it. Yes, it is stupid to be speculating about Abe's hormones, but I didn't start it.