The Right Coast

December 19, 2004
This Just In
By Maimon Schwarzschild

The New York Times finally took note yesterday of the UN rape scandal in Congo. Sadly, the Times was scooped by TheRightCoast, and by many, many others in the New Media. What chance the Times will now give this even a fraction of the coverage that was devoted to Abu Ghreib?

As Victor Davis Hanson says:
All the standing ovations for Kofi Annan cannot hide the truth that the Oil-for-Food scandal exceeds Enron. Indeed, Ken Lay’s malfeasance scarcely involved the deaths of thousands, while cronies siphoned off food and supplies from a starving populace. The U.S. military does not tolerate mass rape and plunder among its troops, as is true of the U.N. peacekeepers throughout Africa. There can be no serious U.N. moral sense as long as illiberal regimes — a Syria, Iran, or Cuba — vote in the General Assembly (so long as such regimes dominate the General Assembly, I would have said); and the Security Council stymies solutions out of concern for an autocratic China that swallowed Tibet. Millions were slaughtered in Cambodia, Rwanda, and Darfur while New York bureaucrats either condemned Israel or damned anyone who censured their own inaction and corruption.
Hanson's exceptionally powerful piece is about the general moral deflation of the political left: the UN is just one in a long and sad bill of particulars. Even more than usually, read the whole thing.