The Right Coast

December 28, 2004
Let Rumsfeld Be
By Mike Rappaport

Victor Davis Hanson makes a powerful case for our Secretary of Defense. It is not that Rumsfeld didn't make mistakes, but that everyone makes mistakes and he has done a very good job overall. This is the best defense of Rumself I have seen (there have not been that many). It is very plausible, but not certain that Hanson's view is right and Kristol's is wrong.

What is clear, however, is that firing him while he is under fire would be a mistake. It would embolden the enemies of victory in Iraq inside and outside of the United States. If Bush had been considering firing Rumself, the time would have been when all of the other cabinet officials were resigning. So even if you believe Rumsfeld has performed poorly, it is not clear that you should want him dismissed now.