The Right Coast

December 10, 2004
Jack Goldsmith
By Mike Rappaport

An interesting piece on international law scholar Jack Goldsmith, who headed the Office of Legal Counsel and has now been hired by Harvard Law School. (Hat tip: Instapundit) The opposition to Goldsmith at Harvard seems to be mainly based on the fact that he has different views than the scholars who oppose him. This seems reasonable enough, since the purpose of a law faculty is to toe the line on ideological conformity and to ensure there is no voicing of differing views. (For those not paying attention, the last sentence was a joke.)

Here is an interesting fact from the article: "The Washington Post quoted unnamed officials in October saying Goldsmith, who left the OLC in July, resigned from that office because a lawyer working for Vice President Dick Cheney ''sought to persuade OLC to take a more permissive line on torture."