The Right Coast

November 04, 2004
Democrat Reflections
By Mike Rappaport

Tim Noah of the increasingly left-wing Slate (it used to be somewhat moderate, but it doesn't really seem to be anymore) explains why the Democrats should not respond to Bush's reelection by moving right. It is this type of argument that will keep the Democrats losing elections:

The DLC [which wants the Democrats to move right] is a victim of its own success. Having already moved the Democratic Party rightward—these days, there isn't much point in distinguishing between a "new Democrat" and a plain old "Democrat"—it now risks taking the party too far rightward. If the Democrats continue down this path, then pretty soon it will be impossible to distinguish the Democrats from today's Republicans. (Some folks on the left, including Ralph Nader, think that's already happened.)
Not exactly a good argument. Just because "New Democrats" are more conservative than "Old Democrats" does not say anything about what is necessary to win elections (or even what is right). And relying on Ralph Nader's views -- that is surely not the way to win elections.