The Right Coast

November 05, 2004
Chief Justice McConnell
By Mike Rappaport

It does not seem too early to discuss who would be a good replacement for Chief Justice William Rehnquist. My recommendation is Tenth Circuit Judge Michael McConnell.

McConnell was a first rate constitutional scholar, who had a reputation for integrity and excellent scholarship. His nomination to the Tenth Circuit was supported by a bipartisan group of law professors.

McConnell would also make sense since he would be acceptable to the evangelicals who seemed to be so important to President Bush's reelection as well as to other Americans. McConnell is a religious man who devoted much of his scholarly career to pursuing a view of constitutional religious liberties that is both respectful of evangelical concerns and well grounded in history.

Finally, McConnell would be likely to be confirmed. Democrats could do far worse, from their perspective, than a nominee who has integrity, is collegial, and respects those who disagree with him. In fact, McConnell's personality seems to be a perfect fit with the job of Chief Justice.