The Right Coast

October 19, 2004
Who are you going to vote for?
By Mike Rappaport

Reason magazine interviews a large number of interesting people and asks them who they are going to vote for. Several of my heroes were on the list, but alas they don't agree.

Interesting answers:

Richard Epstein is voting libertarian.
Charles Murray is voting -- reluctantly -- for Bush.
Stephen Pinker is voting for Kerry.

To my mind, the oddest answer came from Jonathan Rauch. His favorite President in the last 40 years: "Bush 41. Beats Reagan and everybody else hands down." Say that again?

Sadly, no one asked me who I was going to vote for. I will cast my ballot for Bush (somewhat reluctantly), in part because I believe his Administration will be far superior to Kerry's in fighting the war on terror, both at home and abroad, and partially for the reason that Eugene Volokh gives:

I almost always vote for the party, not the man, because the administration, its legislative agenda, and its judicial appointments generally reflect the overall shape of the party. I tend to think that Republicans’ views on the war against terrorists, economic policy, taxes, and many though not all civil liberties questions -- such as self-defense rights, school choice, color blindness, and the freedom of speech (at least as to political and religious speech) -- are more sound than the Democrats’ views. I certainly find plenty to disagree with the Republicans even on those topics, but if I waited for a party with which I agreed on everything or even almost everything, I’d be waiting a long time.