The Right Coast

October 27, 2004
Sullivan on Bush and Kerry
By Mike Rappaport

What a shock! After claiming he supported neither Bush nor Kerry, Andrew Sullivan endorses Kerry after all. For those who have been reading his blog consistently, it is hardly a surprise. Why was it a surprise to Andrew?

Something else that Andrew does not seem to realize. While he denies that the main cause of his endorsement of Kerry is Bush's view on same sex marriage, it seems pretty clear from the pattern of his comments over time that he began to really view Bush negatively only when Bush supported the Federal Marriage Amendment.

There is nothing wrong with Sullivan believing this is an important issue, but Sullivan seems less than fully honest (to himself or to his readers) not to realize or admit how important this issue has been in shaping his view of the election.

The case set forth in his endorsement is, to me at least, not terribly persuasive. Sadly, it is on a par with many of the other "right wing" endorsements of Kerry, such as Dan Drezner's. For example, Sullivan endorses Kerry as to fiscal matters as follows: "Domestically, Kerry is clearly Bush's fiscal superior. At least he acknowledges the existence of a fiscal problem, which this president cannot." That a challenger points out fiscal problems in the government run by the incumbent may be one of Kerry's greatest achievements, but it is hardly an accomplishment worth mentioning.