The Right Coast

October 18, 2004
Seen the Light, Lord God, Seen the Light
By Maimon Schwarzschild

Stuart Benjamin, over at the Volokh conspiracy, posts that he is "disenchanted" by the Bush administration, and urges believers in "limited government" to vote for Kerry. Stuart's post implies throughout that he is a small-government conservative disappointed, no, shocked at Bush profligacy.

As someone who knows and loves Stuart -- he is one of those people that, if you know him, you are fond of him -- I never, ever, for a moment doubted that he would support the Democratic nominee. Stuart is well within the academic political orthodoxy when the chips are anywhere near down. He would no more endorse Bush than most of his academic colleagues would. Stuart is very smart and a very good writer, and very good company too, and he was no doubt recruited to the Volokh Conspiracy in large part for those reasons, but he also provides leftish balance at an otherwise mostly rightward-leaning blog. The idea that Stuart is a typical Republican who, after sleepless nights and agonising reappraisal, has decided that supporting Kerry is the conservative thing do -- and, therefore, that patriotic and reflective conservatives should join him and do likewise: well, how shall I put this? there is a spin element here. (The converted rake, or atheist, who is the featured speaker at the revival meeting; not the long-serving church deacon...)

Meantime, RightCoast readers have been besieging us, in your thousands, wanting to know whom we at TheRightCoast will support for President. Will it be Bush, Kerry, Nader, Kim Jong Il? We RightCoasters take our responsibility very seriously: we have cleared our calendars this week, and we will be meeting round the clock to consider this momentous cliff-hanger of a question. It will be close, very close, agonisingly close. So stay tuned. There may be, there surely will be, big surprises in store.

UPDATE: Steven Sturm, at ThoughtsOnline, posts a detailed -- and very cogent -- rebuttal to Stuart Benjamin's endorsement of Kerry.