The Right Coast

October 02, 2004
The Exit Strategy
By Mike Rappaport

People keep on talking about when the US can leave Iraq. While I would certainly want us to be able to leave, I don't think this is how these things normally work. Rather, what is more likely is that if the terrorists are defeated, US troops may stay in Iraq, but they may not be subject to attack. If we had 30,000 troops in Iraq and virtually none died during the year, then that would be a satisfactory arrangement for a time. The US has 37,000 troops in Korea, and few people complain about it.

I don't want to be misunderstood. I would prefer that the US troops leave, sooner rather than later. But by the standards of our military activities elsewhere, this may be unrealistic. The key issue is how many of our troops are being injured and killed, not whether they continue to be in Iraq.