The Right Coast

October 10, 2004
Advance, Australia Fair
By Maimon Schwarzschild

John Howard won an unexpectedly strong re-election victory in Australia yesterday. Howard is a firm supporter of Australia's traditional alliance with the US, and under Howard's leadership Australia joined the US in Iraq. There were plenty of domestic issues, of course, but the Labor Party opposition was vehemently against Australia's stand in Iraq: Labor's campaign was overtly anti-Bush, and generally anti-American in tone. John Kerry's sister Diana was in Australia -- representing the Kerry campaign -- and campaigned for Labor against John Howard, blaming Australia's stand with the US for terrorist attacks on Australians. (It's one way to strengthen alliances...)

A notable day for Australia. The outcome wasn't close, although the pre-election polls were very close, and Australia's "mainstream" media leaned heavily against John Howard, and (of course) against Bush.

A harbinger for upcoming elections elsewhere?

(More on all this from Belmont Club.)

Musical note: "Advance, Australia Fair" is the Oz national anthem, although "Waltzing Matilda" -- scroll down for a Royal Australian Navy rendition -- is a better song. (Here is more, much more, about "Waltzing Matilda".)