The Right Coast

September 24, 2004
What If?
By Mike Rappaport

While I am as pleased with the blogosphere's victory against the CBS forgery as the next blogger, consider the following question asked by Ann Coulter:

CBS was attempting to manipulate a presidential election in wartime. What if CBS had used better forgeries? What if – like Bush's 30-year-old DUI charge – the media had waited 72 hours before the election to air this character assassination?
Even if the blogosphere could have detected the forgeries so quickly, the country would not have been able to digest the information.

I have said it before. Watch out for the November surprise this year. I think some preemptive action needs to be taken. There needs to be a movement, among bloggers and the responsible media, to warn against such late election hits and to strongly criticize any information that is released immediately before the election, but could have been released earlier.