The Right Coast

September 03, 2004
Terrorists' war on children
By Tom Smith

That comedienne who doesn't seem to wash her hair on MSNBC remarked after Bush's speech how the President seemed to be bent on instilling an atmosphere of fear. Meanwhile, Islamist terrorists were preparing to murder children in the former USSR, which they eventually did. They made the children take off their clothes, presumably to make them feel more vulnerable. At least 150 are dead; CNN reports they may have been holding as many as 1200 hostages. The Russian special forces started shooting when the terrorists started gunning down children who were trying to run away. People should take a long, hard look at the photos linked to above and ask themselves how they would react to such an incident on American soil. It is unbearable enough taking place on the other side of the world. Maybe the press should feature these photos as prominently as those from Abu Ghraib.

I think Bush is far from perfect. But at least he doesn't make criticizing efforts to stop this evil a full time job. When was the last time American soldiers took over a school, stripped the children, and then started shooting them? Maybe Michael Moore should make a movie about how the kids inside the school were having a grand old time, playing games and such. Maybe he should do some of his famous interviews with their parents.

The only difference between these Islamist fanatics, and that term covers a lot of ground, and the Nazis, is that to the Islamists, we're all Jews, and they're not organized enough to build concentration camps. But they can strip and murder children, alright. They can manage that. They teach that in Jihad 101. Now let's all sit around and feel guilty about defending ourselves. After all, those Russian children had it coming.

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More photos . . . warning: graphic)

more photos. Hostages included infants, children 2, 3, 4 years old.