The Right Coast

September 06, 2004
The Russian Response in Beslan
By Mike Rappaport

The Israeli's explain some of what the Russians did wrong in Beslan:

Former Shin Bet head MK Ehud Yatom said he supports Putin's policy of not ever bowing to terror. "However," he said, "how can it be that during three days of negotiations the Russian intelligence machine couldn't find its way into that building. They didn't have any operational intelligence, any idea of who was the enemy, nor did they prepare their elite forces. They failed to keep the public out of the area, and as a result you had every citizen in the area who had access to a gun breaking in with the armed forces. The initiative and schedule was dictated by the terrorists."

"It also seems that during four or five hours of waiting, they didn't make any preparations for breaking in," Hefetz said. "They did negotiate with the terrorists, but didn't utilize this procedure in order to obtain intelligence, which may have lowered the number of casualties.