The Right Coast

September 14, 2004
Right Charge, Wrong Country
By Mike Rappaport

Since 9-11, many liberal and left wing commentators have made various charges against the US: It provoked the 9-11 attacks through misdeeds, it used the attacks to undermine democracy and civil liberties at home, and it used the terrorism to fight a war for its own self interest of securing control over Iraqi oil. While these charges are largely baseless, there is a country where similar charges would make more sense: Russia. Many people believe that Russia's rule in Chechnya has been horrific over the years, that Putin is attempting to use the terrorist attacks in Beslan to seize greater political control, and that Russia's ultimate aim is to ensure that it can continue to dominate Chechnya to its own advantage. Sadly, though, the critics don't talk too much about Russia.