The Right Coast

September 15, 2004
New Year's Thoughts
By Maimon Schwarzschild

Very interesting reflections on the Jewish New Year (which begins tonight) from Dennis Prager:
    No country has ever honored Judaism or blessed its Jews as has America... The prevalent idea among American Jews that a secular, rather than a Judeo-Christian, America is better for America, let alone for its Jews, is so obviously wrong, only the irrational can hold it. For proof, ask the Jews of France.
    [T]he majority of Jews have substituted liberalism for Judaism, and this has been a Jewish and American calamity. Unfortunately, nearly all those Jews who attempt to influence society have little or no connection to Judaism. They are guided far more by the New York Times and its values than by the Torah and its values. And they ask 'What do I feel?' far more than 'What do 3,000 years of our world-changing religion teach?'
Read the whole thing.

And to all RightCoast readers so minded, a very happy New Year and new year! Muchos anos! (That's Judeo-Spanish for "[Live] many years!")