The Right Coast

September 01, 2004
By Mike Rappaport

James Taranto at the Best of the Web quotes from a discussion of a rant by Paul Krugman:

"Krugman says he believes the United States needs a "mega-Watergate" scandal to uncover a far-reaching right-wing conspiracy, going back forty years, to gain control of the U.S. government and roll back civil rights. . . . Krugman told the crowd that the president is simply a front man for larger and more sinister forces. Krugman said he and other liberals had been "asleep" and unaware of the true dimensions of the danger during the years in which President Bill Clinton found himself facing a variety of scandal allegations. But Krugman said there is a "complete continuity" between today's politics and the "campaign of slander and innuendo" against Clinton.
James Tarano, though, has the appropriate response: "Such paranoid lunacy would be merely laughable did it not come from someone who has a twice-weekly op-ed slot at the once-respected New York Times."