The Right Coast

September 30, 2004
The Big Fish
By Mike Rappaport

Its good to be the Instapundit. Reynolds receives books in the mail from publishers (ones that he wants to read) and he now writes a column for the Guardian on the election. But, of course, this is all well deserved, as his first column for the Guardian demonstrates. Here is an interesting excerpt:

And, at any rate, the south's commitment to traditional values is, like Bill Clinton's, less strong than many might believe. Dayton, Tennessee - home of the Scopes "monkey trial", depicted entertainingly in Inherit the Wind, and more accurately in Ed Larson's book, A Summer for the Gods, - recently sponsored a "Gay Day" after overturning local anti-gay legislation. And, although driving around the rural parts of east Tennessee (which I do a lot, in the process of taking photographs like these) will expose you to a lot of church signs, most of them are rather sweet, really, and hellfire-and-brimstone is much rarer than most foreigners, or even Americans from the east and west coasts, might believe