The Right Coast

August 18, 2004
The Truth
By Mike Rappaport

Brian Leiter is back from vacation and up to his old politics. He says of Tom Harkin's criticism of Dick Cheney for failing to serve in Vietnam: "This is beautiful and long overdue." Leiter continues: "This needs to be said as often as possible. And loudly. Rudely. Offend someone with it. 'The truth is terrible' said my favorite German philosopher."

Glenn Reynolds, however, has the goods on Harkin. Leiter is right: Harkin apparently does believe that the "truth is terrible" so he lied repeatedly about his own war record.

Of course, pointing out the possibility that John Kerry lied about his war record -- when unlike Cheney, Kerry has made his war record the centerpiece of his campaign -- is regarded by many as beyond the pale.