The Right Coast

August 19, 2004
The Media Meltdown
By Maimon Schwarzschild

Very thoughtful and reflective piece by Frederick Turner at Tech Central Station on the intellectual and social trends that at least partly explain the systematic press and broadcast-media campaign against Bush.
    [T]he huge majority of journalists and professors are left liberals: no cause for alarm in itself, but troubling when the brakes of traditional critical analysis have been disabled, as they were by the deconstructionist ideology of the schools. And the general reader is beginning to realize that there is indeed a systematic bias in the traditional news media.

    [M]any young journalists in the great organs of record, rejecting the fact/opinion distinction, turned to the idea of using their new command over the means of information production to [push the country to the left]. Remembering their professors' nostalgic stories of Vietnam protest, and indulgently encouraged by their Boomer editors, they took the war in Iraq as the ideal occasion. They had a villain from Texas with an accent and an apparent ignorance of university manners, the smoldering resentments of the Florida recount, a wealth of horrifc footage supplied by Al-Jazeera, and an expertise in spin provided both by their rhetoric professors and by the advertising profession (laundered through political campaign strategising). How could they fail?

    But what could they gain? Perhaps the next election, if the American people realize too late that their informational wells have been spiked. But if afterward at least 40% of the public no longer believes the mainstream press and is, from the moment the election is over, furious about being lied to and vigilant to avenge itself on the perpetrators, the new president will be incapable of pressing home any of the programs desired by the aspiring Boomer professional elites that the press represents. So the gain might indeed be only a trifle.
If Senator Kerry should be elected with crucial cover from the campaigning media -- aided to whatever extent by the mendacious "militarism" of the Democratic convention -- I think Turner may overestimate how quickly the broad public will realize it has been lied to, and how coherently that public will coalesce against any Kerry agenda that turns out to be in the spirit of today's academic left.

But then again, it could happen very fast, especially if the Islamist international is emboldened, which it seems to me it almost certainly will be. John Kerry himself is unlikely, to put it as kindly as possible, to be a Reagan of the left: a figure that Americans warm to almost regardless of politics. A really nasty person (we at TheRightCoast don't know any such people) might almost hope for a Kerry victory in November, reckoning that what ensues would probably discredit the American left for a very long time.

Read Frederick Turner's post.