The Right Coast

August 11, 2004
Democracy in the Arab World?
By Mike Rappaport

Danielle Pletka of AEI argues in the New York Times that the Iraq War and other efforts of the Bush Administration have put democracy on the agenda in Arab countries as never before. She also argues that Kerry's preference for stability over reform in the region may be misguided since the stability of the past may no longer be possible. In other words, a policy that promotes stability rather than democracy may produce neither.

It is quite interesting that George Bush appears to be the Wilsonian in foreign policy with Kerry taking on the role of a Kissingerian advocate of realism.

For my part, I am neither a Wilsonian nor a Kissingerian. I have supported the war in Iraq for multiple reasons, one of which is that this crusade for democracy is worth it, whereas our interventions in most other places are not. It is a selective Wilsonianism to support both American interests and democracy.