The Right Coast

August 22, 2004
The Content of Blogs
By Mike Rappaport

Stephen Bainbridge toyed with the idea of splitting his blog into two blogs (one for legal analysis, the other for an eclectic mix of subjects), held a poll, and received an overwhelming response to keep it one blog.

The result does not surprise me, both as to Bainbridge's blog and I would guess for most blogs. The mix of topics, combining serious and light matters as well as a range of subjects, is part of the charm of blogs. Another blog that comes to mind as having an interesting mix is Brian Leiter's, where one can find discussions of serious philosophy, analysis of the academy generally, and left wing politics. Both Bainbridge and Leiter would be less interesting to me without the mix.

I would also hope that group blogs are able to provide a mix of topics. At the Right Coast, we hope that readers enjoy reports from the Smith dinner table, the latest news from or about Europe, stories from the affirmative action wars, and discussions about constitutional law.