The Right Coast

August 30, 2004
Another Political Survey
By Mike Rappaport

Stephen Bainbridge recommended another of these political surveys, so I took it. This one seems a bit better designed than the previous ones, but still has the usual problems.

This survey has two axises: left versus right, and pragmatic versus idealistic. I cannot really complain with the overall result: I am a little to the right and a little to the pragmatic side. That seems about right.

The last time, Bainbridge and I had very similar results under the political compass test. Again this time our results are similar, although more different than they were the last time. Bainbridge is far more right than I am, and he is considerably less pragmatic.

My results: Left / Right +1.47; Pragmatism +3.49

Update: Some readers as well as the Atlantic Blog have complained about this survey. The principal complaint is the placement of Stalin and Hitler: Stalin on the right, and Hitler so near Thatcher. This is a good complaint. While I could speculate, I don't really know why the results turned out that way. And certainly Hitler and Thatcher should be quite far away from one another. Nonetheless, the right way to approach these surveys is as a fun exercise. They have their limits, and some are worse than others, but one shouldn't take them too seriously.