The Right Coast

July 29, 2004
Mark Steyn
By Mike Rappaport

Here are a couple of happy thoughts from Mark Steyn's latest, which is excerpted on NRO:

A couple of months back, Sudan took time out from its hectic schedule of ethnic cleansing in Darfur to get elected to a three-year term at the U.N. Human Rights Commission.
Outrageous but perhaps merely of symbolic importance. This, though, appears more dangerous:

German prosecutors announce they're dropping all the most serious charges against the only terrorist convicted for the 9/11 attacks, and releasing him. The prosecutors in Hamburg decided to drop charges against Mounir Motassadeq because "they fear" the crucial American evidence against him was obtained by torturing detainees at Guantánamo. That's all: just a casual assumption that the Great Satan was up to his old tricks.