The Right Coast

July 25, 2004
Kerry and the War on Terror
By Mike Rappaport

Andrew Sullivan writes that John Kerry must include something like the paragraph below in his speech at the Convention:

Let me now address those in the world who believe that the United States, under a Democratic president, will cower before terror or respond to any future attacks with passivity and weakness. Nothing could be further from the truth. As president, I will pursue this country's real enemies every day I am in the Oval Office; I will seek them out and bring them to justice; I will ensure that our historic duty to the people of Afghanistan and Iraq is met in full, however long it takes, however hard the task. To the murderers of al Qaeda, let me say this. Do not even begin to interpret a Democratic victory as some sign that we will acquiesce to your murderous intent and nihilist politics. In the war against Jihadism, there is no Democrat or Republican. There is simply American. We will unite to defeat you and to secure our country.
I certainly agree that Kerry must say something like this. But the question is what he would have to do to convince me he meant it (given his behavior and that of his party over the last four years and before). It would have to be something really extraordinary.