The Right Coast

July 03, 2004
The French
By Mike Rappaport

Recently, I saw reports of a poll somewhere that said 25 percent of Americans regard France as an enemy, not an ally or even neutral. This should not be surprising, since the French explicitly aim their foreign policy as a "counterweight" to United States policy. Well, count me with the 25 percent.

Now consider this story in the New York Times about an upsurge of French Jews who are purchasing homes in Israel out of a fear for their safety in France. Just think about it: they feel safer in Israel, with all of its Palestinian suicide bombers, than in France. And of course the French deny it has anything to do with anti-semitism. Perish the thought.

In the end, what is France? It is a nation that believes it is better than it is, and when reality does not meet its expectations, it acts like an ass.