The Right Coast

July 04, 2004
Fourth from the Old Country
By Maimon Schwarzschild

Happy Fourth of July from London. As Peggy Noonan rightly reports, there are flowers everywhere here. I wasn't invited to the American Embassy's annual garden party, but I did walk through St James' Park today, where the (British Army) Band was playing and the sun dappled the flower beds and the English were sprawled in their canvas lawn chairs and all was as in days of yore. It is true, Michael Moore smirks at you from posters everywhere here; but his movie seems to be packing them in stateside as well. Is there plenty of poltical anti-Americanism here, much of it nutty or nut-fellow-travelling? Sure. But if Senator Kerry is annointed in November, Britain may yet have a more pro-American government than the American one.