The Right Coast

July 13, 2004
Democracy in Iraq
By Mike Rappaport

Not surprisingly, I have found, both on the web and in talking to people, that most opponents of the Iraq War do not believe that there is much of a chance that some kind of accountable government will be established in Iraq. While there are certainly no guarantees, what I find surprising is that these people believe that the signs so far are discouraging. It is true that there are terror attacks, but that is just one important factor.

What seems to be ignored is the evidence, from the moderate Shiite leaders, from the Kurds, and from public opinion generally, that Iraqis wants democracy. Consider Prime Minister Allawi. He acts and sounds like a responsible person who seeks democracy. For perspective, compare the Iraqi government with an entity which is unlikely to produce democracy in the forseeable future -- the Palestinian Authority. While Iraq may not make it, can anyone deny that the provisional government appears to be light years ahead of the Palestinians?