The Right Coast

July 09, 2004
Bush v. Kerry
By Mike Rappaport

Tyler Cowan makes some good points about why a Kerry presidency might not be so bad. But as I suggested a couple of days ago, I simply don't trust Kerry on defense. It is true that he would have an incentive to show he was tough on terror. But he would also have a coalition that at times wants America to lose and that at other times seems to want to defend America in the most modest of ways.

Bill Clinton makes an interesting contrast. He was not adverse to using American power abroad. He was just against using it when it served American interests. Overall, Clinton left America much weaker abroad than we should have been or were when he took office. My sense is that Kerry is more ideologically left than Clinton was and therefore one can expect worse things from him.

Again, since I think the war on terror is the principal issue, I strongly support Bush, even though his spending is bad.