The Right Coast

June 11, 2004
Galt and Drezner on Global Warming
By Mike Rappaport

Jane Galt has a post on the possibility of Global Warming and the possible remedies. Here is an excerpt:

Now, maybe we need to drastically reduce our energy consumption -- if the planet's going to be destroyed by a runaway greenhouse effect, I'd say that almost any alternative is better. But we must accept that to do so, we're talking about a drastic decrease in lifestyle for everyone in the country. Not as in "a couple hundred more dollars a year"; picture giving 1/2 to 2/3 of your pretax income to charity every year and you're closer to the mark, if we really want to abate greenhouse gases.
Now, before those of you who are really committed sign up to spend your (my) money on the (your) cause, consider the poor science that is supporting these predictions of global warming. The most recent problems don't even involve the effect of greenhouse gases on the temperature, the hardest problem. These involve the easy stuff -- how much of the greenhouse gases will be emitted. As Daniel Drezner explains, the mistakes here are enormous.

God save us from the people who are trying to save us. We can handle the rest!