The Right Coast

June 15, 2004
Beware of Trojan Horses
By Mike Rappaport

Larry Solum notes that the Constitution is now available for download to your Ipod from the American Constitution Society (ACS). That society was established as a counterweight to the Federalist Society. It is hard to believe that some believe the problem is that the law schools and legal establishment are too conservative. Sort of like Bill Gates complaining that he does not have enough money.

I haven't downloaded the ACS Constitution, since I don't have an Ipod. But if I were you, I'd be careful. The judges the ACS praises were very good at slipping things into the Constitution that just weren't there. Thus, it probably makes sense to check over the constitutional program. Here is a quick test. If the ACS Constitution applies the Equal Protection Clause to the federal government, its time to run your virus protection. Do make sure to run the most recent updates or else the Lawrence v. Texas gloss on the Equal Protection Clause may escape detection.