The Right Coast

May 13, 2004
Media Blowback
By Maimon Schwarzschild

There is evidence that the gleeful media overplaying of the Abu Ghreib story -- and their obvious underplaying, or refusing to cover at all, important stories like the UN racketeering in Iraq which might strengthen the case for the war and for Bush -- may be having the same sort of effect as the "news"-spin campaign by the LA Times against recalling Gray Davis in California last year.

Instapundit has more, much more, on this -- e.g. here, and here. Read his various links. This may not be just another story of leftward media partisanship. There may be real, even seismic, political consequences in the offing. It won't help the Democrats that John Kerry personally, far more than someone like Bill Clinton, is so obviously (and so arrogantly and out-of-touch-edly) from the same subcultural niche as the "big media" editors and their -- essentially all leftward -- news staffs.