The Right Coast

May 01, 2004
Maureen Dowd makes my teeth hurt
By Tom Smith

This gets MoDo right, the stupidity, the wordplay, the lack of realization of a stupid person that he or she is being stupid. Via instapundit.

This is not a matter of politics. I would welcome a funny critic of Bush and his pals. I plan to vote for the guy, but that does not mean I am unwilling to laugh at him. For heaven's sake, he's a huge target! Can't the Times do better? Dowd just reeks of that self-congratulatory laziness that comes from being on top too long, surrounded by toadies afraid to tell her that she is not smart and funny, and not even funny. Ms. Dowd should accept her limitations and just not write about matters of high politics. It's beyond her. Puncturing pretentions of New York masters of the universe is within her talents. Finding the funny side of international terror is not.

One of the hardest things for former lefties, such as myself, to get over is the assumption that people on the left are smarter than people on the right. You see it in the old saw, "The stupid party and the evil party," the stupid party being the Republicans. It's somehow especially grating to be exposed to stupid PC critiques of a president who is, let's face it, no aeronautical scientist. It's like Dracula showing up in a polyester leisure suit (makes me think of Stanley Fish) -- you want to say, sheesh! Don't we rate at least white tie and tails? Note to the Times: If you have to be evil, at least try not to be so stupid. You can start by having a person-to-person chat with Maureen and telling her to stick to New Yorkers. Or else find some comic genius to make us laugh about suicide bombers.