The Right Coast

May 05, 2004
Koppel's Defeatist Stunt
By Maimon Schwarzschild

Mark Steyn has it right on Ted Koppel and Nightline.
    The cost of war is a tragedy for the families of the American, British, and other coalition forces who have died in the last year. But we owe it to the dead, always, every day, to measure their sacrifice against the mission, its aims, its successes, its setbacks. And if the cause is still just, then you honor the fallen by pressing on to victory -- and then reading the roll call of the dead.
Paradoxically, the historically low level of casualties in Iraq makes them not "statistics", but rather "still small enough in number to be tragedies Ted can milk for his show".

What is the "cost" of Koppel? (Apart from his reported $6 million annual contract with ABC?)
    Our enemies have made a bet that the west in general, and America in particular, are soft and decadent and have no attention span: that the "sleeping giant" Admiral Yamamoto feared he had wakened at Pearl Harbor can no longer be roused.

    If you're predisposed, like many Islamists and many Continentals, to this stereotype of the soft American, then the lazy, ersatz pacifist mawkishness of Nightline's gimmick pretty much confirms it. That's the cost of Koppel on "The Cost of War".