The Right Coast

May 21, 2004
Hot Lanes
By Mike Rappaport

My commute involves a cutting-edge program to address transportation congestion: Hot Lanes. Basically such lanes are carpool lanes that allow noncarpoolers to use them for a price. I use the lanes about once or twice a week, and they work pretty well. I have often avoided significant traffic.

Regulation Magazine had a piece on Hot Lanes a couple of years ago. The article suggests that there are very few Hot Lanes throughout the country (although the article is a bit out of date). Another reason I am fortunate to live in San Diego.

In addition to Hot Lanes, San Diego also has a web site that gives you extremely useful information on highway traffic. The web site tells you the average speed of cars at each exit on the major highways in town. By checking the web site before I leave work, I can tell what the traffic is like and whether to pay the price for the Hot Lanes that day.

I have been to the future and it works!